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Weightlifting Coaches Masterclass - 10 CEC points

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In this course you will learn how to master the Snatch, and Clean & Jerk, and gain the skills to coach your clients to lift with proper form . Topics covered include warming up, identifying common faults as well as cues and corrections, proper positioning for each lift, and progressions required to improve lifting technique. Suitable for personal trainers and anyone wanting to improve their lifting knowledge. Assessments are multiple choice questions. Self paced course. 10 CEC's upon successful completion of the course. Course Outline: 1) Introduction - Your responsibilities as a coach - AWF Anti Doping policy 2) Safety 3) Warming up - Dynamic warm up flow 4) Foundations and movement Screening 5) Breaking down the snatch -Snatch Press -Overhead Squat 6) Snatch Progressions -Jumping with unloaded barbell -Jump with transition overhead -Power snatch from the hang -Power snatch 7) The 3 pulls -First Pull -Second Pull -Third Pull 8) Putting it all together - Snatch 9) Breaking down the Clean & Jerk -Strict Press -Learning the split position -Push Press -Push Jerk -Split Jerk 10) Clean Progressions -Jumping with unloaded barbell -Jump with turnover -Hang power clean -Power clean 11) The 3 pulls -First Pull -Second Pull -Third Pull 12) Putting it all together - Clean & Jerk 13) Programming ** YOU MUST BE REGISTERED AS A PERSONAL TRAINER TO ATTAIN AUSACTIVE CEC'S

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