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Coaching the Clean: A Comprehensive Guide to Moving Better and Coaching Better" is the ultimate resource for coaches and athletes seeking mastery in the art of the clean, a fundamental Olympic weightlifting movement. This e-book dives deep into the mechanics, techniques, and nuances of the clean, providing a step-by-step roadmap to both perform and coach this powerful lift effectively.

Whether you're a coach looking to refine your teaching methods or an athlete striving to perfect your clean technique, this book is packed with valuable insights and practical strategies. Discover how to optimise your movement patterns, develop explosive power, and enhance your overall athletic performance through detailed breakdowns of key clean variations and accessory exercises.

Inside "Coaching the Clean," you'll find:


  • In-depth Analysis: Explore the biomechanics of the clean, understanding each phase of the lift and how to maximise efficiency.
  • Progressive Programming: Learn how to structure training programs tailored to different skill levels and goals, from beginners to advanced lifters.
  • Coaching Cues and Corrections: Gain valuable coaching cues and troubleshooting tips to help athletes overcome common barriers and improve technique.
  • Video Demonstrations: Access video demonstrations and visual aids that complement the text, providing clear examples of proper form and execution.
  • Efficient Warm ups: Dive into warm up drills and dynamic exercises specifically geared towards optimising clean performance and reducing injury risk.

Whether you're coaching a team, training individual athletes, or advancing your own lifting journey, "Coaching the Clean" equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to move better and coach better. Elevate your coaching skills, unlock your athletes' potential, and achieve new heights in strength and athleticism with this definitive guide to mastering the clean.

Coaching The Clean - eBook


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  • Free programming included

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