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Weightlifting Tips: Clean From Power position

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

I love lift progressions! One of my favourite weightlifting progressions for the Clean would definitely have to be the Clean from power position. There's no hiding poor form in this one. If your form isn't tight, it will show big time! Usually in the shape of a failed lift.

What are the benefits and why should you add it to your lifting program?

Clean from Power position is programmed with a purpose of achieving more speed in the lift through an active pull under the bar and efficient leg drive. Because we eliminate the usual momentum built from the ground up, the lifter will be forced to move quicker, and more precise to make the lift successful. As we pause in the dip position, a powerful leg drive is required to drive the bar vertically. With a focus on the leg drive the aim will also be to prevent excessive hip extension. Excessive hip extension pushes the bar away from the body which can lead to a failed lift and give the lifter less time to get under the bar. One of the things novice lifters struggle with, is resisting the urge to throw the shoulders back during the final extension. Instead, you want to focus on knee extension, and driving the bar tall with a nice vertical shrug. Its important to note that there will be a slight lean back to remain balanced, but its not something you want to focus on.

So how is this move performed efficiently JQ?!

With a clean grip on the barbell, start with the bar at hip height. Feet will be in pulling position to mimic the full clean. Ideally the feet will be under the hips with a slight turn out. Now “Dip”. To perform the dip correctly, the knees will bend slightly, the torso will stay tall, and the feet will remain flat on the floor. A common fault is to push the hips back and let the chest drop forward. We want to correct this and avoid the chest dropping as it leads to swinging the bar out when we move to final extension. For Clean from Power the torso REMAINS UPRIGHT.

Pause in the dip for 2 seconds before driving up with the legs and turning the bar over into the front rack receiving position, as you descend into a full depth front squat. By pausing in the dip we eliminate the use of any stretch lengthening reflex, and are solely focusing on explosive strength. This skill is greatly transferrable into a full clean and aswell as improving your leg extension power, it will aide in the timing of receiving the bar. If you feel like the bar crashes on you in a clean then this might be a great addition to your training.

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Check out the video and let me know if this has helped you!

Happy lifting


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